New Equations Practice – Music, Photos & Guide

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New Equations Practice © 2018, 2020, 2022 by New Equations
Music composed by Siska Tovey, Siv Roland, Alan Sheets
Music performed by Siv Roland

The New Equations Practice gives you a way to begin giving and receiving from all nine Spiritual Portals / Soultypes. Every time you do this peaceful non-forceful practice it will be a new and different experience. You may find beautiful surprises and an increasing feeling of alignment, strength and support in many wonderful ways.

The New Equations Practice helps you align your soul, spirituality, and physicality, through a connection to your nine Spiritual Portals. Each portal gives you a different physical experience, different knowledge, different wisdom, and a different spiritual feeling.

Using New Equations Music from the Nine Movements in Harmony Symphony, photos of the nine Facial Expressions of Strength, and words about the unique wisdom you are developing, you are guided through experiences of all nine Spiritual Portals.

The New Equations Practice includes a 29 page practice guide that includes photos of the Facial Expressions of Strength, and nine selections from the Nine Movements in Harmony Symphony, one piece for each Spiritual Portal

Updated June 2022

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