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The REVIVE practice is especially designed for those of us who struggle with boredom. It helps us to be with our soul, and the soul is never bored. This practice will help your nine Spiritual Portals become more available, and you may also feel more brightness from your soul.

It is the first practice in a set of three: REVIVE, RELEASE, and RETURN. Each uses different music and serves a different purpose.

Using movement, New Equations Music from The Katembusk Symphony, and photos of the nine Facial Expressions of Strength, you are guided through an experience that can help you let go of boredom and be with your soul.

You can choose to do the practice in 9 minutes, 27 minutes, or 72 minutes, depending on how you feel. You are provided with three different playlists so it's easy to customize your experience.

The REVIVE practice includes:

• Instructions
• Nine photo pages showing the Facial Expressions of Strength (six photos per page)
• A drawing showing the Spiritual Portal locations on the body
• Three playlists from The Katembusk Symphony by New Equations Music

REVIVE Practice © 2023 by New Equations
Music composed by Siska Tovey, Siv Roland, Alan Sheets
Music performed by Siv Roland
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