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[tab name="Prerequisite"]Before registering for NEATO Level 2 - New Equations Expansion, you need to have completed the following:

Through special practices and training, you will learn to enhance your own ability to create and hold deeper spiritual connections with others, and learn how to move from the spiritual to the physical without using force. Working with the Spiritual Portals in this way creates a deeper understanding of each of the portals.

Your training will include:

  • 12 private sessions with your Soultype Instructor (separate fee)
  • Receiving and working with study materials

You may attend NEATO retreats and receive the music composed the day you attend. Daily tuition fee.

[tab name="Progression"]After receiving your NEATO Level 2 - New Equations Expansion Certificate of Completion you are qualified to begin one of the NEATO Level 3 pathways. You can discuss the direction you would like to go with your mentor.

There are four levels in NEATO, with several different paths from which to choose.

[tab name="Fees"] Fees for NEATO Level 2 - New Equations Expansion:

  • $500 Program registration fee.
  • $250 Certification: meeting with New Equations Director, Siska Tovey, and your Soultype Instructor.
  • Soultype Instructor training fees for 12 private sessions. Soultype Instructor fees vary depending on your state, province, or country.
  • $150 NEATO Annual Fee, due by August 1st.
    • Note: The annual NEATO fee is waived the year you register. Example: if you register in 2022, you will not pay an annual fee until August of 2023.
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