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[tab name="Prerequisite"]Before registering for NEATO Level 4 - New Equations Soultype Instructor, you need to have completed the following:

[tab name="Training"]

The New Equations Soultype Instructor path builds on your New Equations Certified Teacher training. A New Equations Soultype Instructor is a certified teacher who knows how to Soultype. The ability to Soultype comes from an expanded awareness.

The ability to Soultype is new for human beings; reaching this level is a purely organic process that does not follow a structured timeline, yet requires training, practice, and dedication.

This specialized training is an on-going spiritual journey that throughout the world is only available through the New Equations Advanced Training Organization.

A Certificate of Qualification will be received from New Equations Director and Cofounder, Siska Tovey, once you are able to Soultype.

Your training will include:

  • Private sessions and guidance with New Equations Director, Siska Tovey, and a Soultype Instructor
  • Receiving and working with study materials
  • Teaching New Equations programs
  • Attending NEATO retreats
  • Staying up-to-date with, and contributing to, New Equations developments
[tab name="Progression"]

Once you have received your Certificate of Qualification from NEATO Level 4 - New Equations Soultype Instructor, your certificate is valid for life. Once you reach this point in your training, you will be a part of leading and developing New Equations.

[tab name="Fees"] Fees for NEATO Level 4 - New Equations Soultype Instructor:

  • $750 Program registration fee.
  • $600 Annual fee until you are certified as a Soultype Instructor.
    • Note: The annual NEATO fee is waived the year you register. Example: if you register in 2022, you will not pay an annual fee until August of 2023.
  • Training fees for a minimum of 12 private sessions per year with a Soultype Instructor or New Equations Director, Siska Tovey. Fees vary depending on your state, province, or country.
  • $500 New Equations Soultype Instructor Certification meeting with New Equations Director, Siska Tovey
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