The Sun Within – Portal 4

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Performed by Siv Roland
Composed March 2012 by Siska Tovey, Siv Roland and Alan Sheets in Petaluma, CA, USA

Length: 51 minutes 29 seconds

The Sun Within – Portal 4 is the second movement in The Cosmic Human Symphony.

The ancient and majestic Luxor Temple in Egypt which was built to represent the human body and its spirituality. The Cosmic Human Symphony takes you through the structure and your body's nine Spiritual Portals which have a location in this temple. As you listen to each movement, your body's nine Spiritual Portals are helped to connect to the earth and the universe. The music resonates with each of these locations in the temple.

Spiritual Portal 8 – sacrum
Spiritual Portal 4 – lower abdomen
Spiritual Portal 2 – solar plexus
Spiritual Portal 9 – between shoulder blades
Spiritual Portal 6 – middle of chest
Spiritual Portal 3 – top of sternum
Spiritual Portal 1 – top of throat
Spiritual Portal 7 – lower forehead
Spiritual Portal 5 – top of head
Spiritual Portal 8 – sacrum

The movements within each symphony help you to be more of the spiritual being you are. The more you listen, the more you expand.

The Cosmic Human Symphony has ten movements, one for each of the nine Spiritual Portals, with one extra piece for Spiritual Portal 8 . Each movement is between 50 minutes and 1 hour and 20 minutes in length.

[tab name="The Music & You"]How New Equations Music supports you:

New Equations Music helps your body’s Spiritual Portals open as the music flows. As the music aligns with your soul, it helps create spiritual growth and development. Your physical body becomes aligned to receive the wisdom of this music and helps you evolve as a human being. The sound, frequencies, energy, and vibration of the music, are aligned with the nine Spiritual Portals.

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