Siv Roland

Siv Roland

Siv Roland

Siv Roland

Leader New Equations Europe

New Equations Certified Soultype Instructor, composer, conductor, and pianist. Siv is a Soultype 7 and one of The Sound Aligners who compose New Equations Music.


  • New Equations Certified Soultype Instructor
  • New Equations Certified Teacher
  • Graduate, New Equations Professional Training Program
  • MA Conducting, Norwegian Academy of Music
  • BA Music Performance (piano) Barratt Due Institute of Music
  • BA Music Teacher Education Barratt Due Institute of Music
  • Ambassador, European Unions Leonardo Da Vinci Culture Project

Siv plays all New Equations Music on digital keyboards, and each piece is played only once, at the time it is composed. We hope you enjoy watching Siv!

Tokyo Concert Cover Art showing Siv Roland Playing New Equations Music
Siv has conducted concerts for television, radio and the King and Queen of Norway. Not only is Siv a conductor, composer and musician, she is a New Equations Certified Soultype Instructor, and works with many people to help them experience the magical wisdom of New Equations. Siv lives in Oslo, Norway, where you may find her sitting by a fire enjoying her chocolate and coffee with almond milk.
Siv Roland playing a New Equations concert in Norway

New Equations changed my life, expanded my reality and enhanced my relationship to myself, others, and to music, in a way I could not have predicted.

Siv Roland on a boat in Egypt

Soultyping & New Equations Programs

Siv teaches all of the New Equations Programs. She offers a free introductory session to anyone who is interested in learning more.


Working with New Equations on a regular basis, and intensely before performances, has opened my voice, made it richer, and helps me to be more present on stage. New Equations makes me feel more a part of something bigger than myself.

There are so many things I could have written about my journey with Siv that I almost do not know where to begin – but, never in my life have I worked with music that has come to mean so much to me! New Equations Music silences the noise in my head that makes me doubt who I am and limits what I can do. The music opens the whole ME so I can go into my tasks with body and soul and not focus on what might go wrong. New Equations training brings me an inner peace that also enables me to see other people better.

Birgitte Christensen

Soultype 8, Soprano, Norway – A few of the places Birgitte has performed: the Bolshoi Theatre Moscow; the Norwegian National Opera; Staatsoper Berlin; Theatro Municipal Santiago Chile