So Much Love

So Much Love

Since traveling is limited, students in the New Equations Advanced Training Organzation are coming together through online video to deepen relationships by sharing the wisdom of their souls, and the strengths of their Soultypes, with each other and the world.

Every meeting and experience is filled with pure joy. This connectedness is bringing forth deep care and love beyond description. As the world shuts down, we are called home—home to where we belong, to the land of our souls.

In the present situation, many are creating understanding using new metaphors, sounds, pictures, stories, and smiles. Heaven has kissed the earth and a new love affair has started.

I remember my grandfather saying: When a tool is at the ready, an opportunity will arise to use it. I see the light and strength of my soul as a tool, and the opportunity to use it has arrived. As I listen to the media, which is mostly still stuck in the old war mentality, I rejoice in deep awareness that what is in the Unknown will open up for a soul mentality. What will this look like? I do not yet know! But I do know that my soul rejoices NOW—at this present moment. I do not have to wait. Having practiced the New Equations Spiritual Postures every day for weeks with my companions and friends—my spiritual family—I have profoundly experienced, without any doubt, a foreshadowing of this glorious future.

Cartoon drawing of an open door leading outside

Elsie’s Adventure

“Elsie, it’s time to wake up!”

My beloved grandfather is calling me. He normally doesn’t do that. He visits me in my dreams and he comforts me when I feel lonely, but now he is sitting right on my bed. Did he come because I’m turning ten? Because it’s my birthday tomorrow? I can feel his hand stroking my back. His gentle voice is clear in my in-between state of sleep and wakefulness. His loving touch helps me return from dreamland into the world of my parents, my brothers, my friends from school. He’s excited and I can tell he wants to show me something. I rub my eyes. Has Grandpa come back to live with us? Mommy says he went to Heaven, a faraway place, and that he will always live in my heart. I know better—the place isn’t far away. It’s very close by, but I only visit him at night. This is a secret because Mommy says I shouldn’t daydream so much. I hear a cabinet close. Mommy is making breakfast.

“Elsie, let’s go on an adventure!”

I jump on Grandpa’s lap. I breathe in his scent and bury my face in his chest. His breath is soft and his heart beats with mine. I’m so safe. Joy fills my body and my naked feet dance in the air. I trust Grandpa. I want to go with him! I hear Mommy setting the table.

“We will be back before breakfast,” Grandpa whispers into my ear. “Take a deep breath. You need to have courage—adventure always calls for courage. I will be with you on this journey, but at a certain point you will need to walk on alone. That is the moment when you must rely on your own strength and trust yourself. I will not be far from you, but you will not see me, my little love.”

Hand-in-hand we magically fly away, leaving my room, my parents, our house, town, and even our country. We landed in front of a huge bridge with an arch so steep that I can’t see what’s on the other side. Grandpa kneels down and gently places his hands on my shoulders. Pure love is shining from his eyes. I so want to stay in this light, but I also want to be brave and go on my adventure!

“Now you have to walk on alone, sweet girl. I will be waiting for you.”

Swallowing my fear I leave him and walk towards the bridge. Barefoot, I feel every blade of grass and small piece of gravel. Soft wet moss between my toes makes me happy. The closer I get to the bridge, the bigger and higher it seems to be. There are many stairsteps I need to climb in order to reach the top of the arch. Carefully I put a foot on the first step, and then on the second, the third, and I climb faster and faster—almost hopping. Getting a little tired, I stop and sit on a step. Its surface is smooth. What is this strange staircase made of? It’s not wood, iron, or stone . . .

I begin climbing again. Suddenly the steps disappear and a steep slope stretches up before me—like on hikes in the mountains with daddy. It’s such a long way to the top! I’m kind of scared—I can’t see where I’m going—but with Grandpa’s words in my ear, I bravely continue.

What will I see on the other side? What will my adventure be like? Mommy often tells me a story about a land where milk and honey flow. Will it be like that? Or a gigantic Disneyland more amazing than the one we went to last summer? Or will it be the place where Grandpa lives?

Out of breath, I reach the top. What!? There’s nothing! I can’t see anything! Why is nothing there? Wild thoughts spring up inside me. Maybe I’m asleep? Where’s Grandpa? Am I going to wake up from a dream? Is this my adventure?

Grandpa’s words come back to me: Look without your eyes. Listen without your ears. You were born with something that is more aware than what you sense through seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting . . .  

I slowly walk down the other side of the arch, my heart beating like crazy. I keep looking all around, searching, but there is nothing. Can I have an adventure in an empty place?
I reach the other end of the bridge and sit down in the silence. Daylight quickly vanishes and night falls. I keep my eyes open and wait for Grandpa. I’m not afraid of the dark. This is almost like a fun game! It’s exciting! What is that thing that Grandpa talked about? Is there something in my body that is invisible? I read in a book a few days ago about the organs, blood vessels and bones. Mommy says all parts work together connected with energy to help my body be strong. Is that what Grandpa is talking about? But I already know this . . .  

When Mommy said I could take the train to Grandpa’s house all by myself I didn’t even sleep that night because I was so excited. I love adventures!

Maybe I see something . . . oh . . . yes! Grandpa’s coming! I knew he would keep his promise!

His warm loving touch embraces me. “You are courageous, my sweet love! You have crossed the bridge!” Grandpa takes my hand. “Let’s stroll together and explore the land of your soul.” We step forward, colors start to arise, and deep inside I know my greatest adventure is beginning . . .

“Elsie! Breakfast is ready!”

Mommy’s calling! I jump out of bed and run straight into her arms. I love her so much! Her love for me fills my body.

“Please, Mommy, I want to show you something!” I fetch my crayons and a big white sheet of paper, and begin to draw my new world.

Two cartoon girls doing art

I have crossed bridges many times in my life, often turning my life upside down, not due to external pressures with my back against the wall, but because I long to evolve. Sometimes I was brave, sometimes I was fearful, but always I was curious and trusting in life. 

When New Equations found me, a new adventure started—the biggest ever! Because now I am exploring my own terrain, my real truth—my soul’s truth—in the land of being Soultype 8. And, by doing so, I see changes in my family, friends, others and myself. Living in the new world of my soul, in the wonder and beauty of having found myself in the wonderful connection to Soultype 8, my thirst for evolution is met. I know that exploring this new terrain will be a never-ending breathtaking adventure, always new and filled with joyful surprises, experiences, and deeply touching expanding moments. And, when the storms of the world are blowing strongly, I am sheltered and lovingly taken care of with such gentleness.

I want nothing more than to invite you to take the steps over the bridge . . . your soul’s adventure will be waiting at the other side. 

Be courageous—fetch your crayons . . .

Much love, Betty

Betty Kraus smiling
Betty Kraus

Betty Kraus, Soultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 1 – New Equations Essence program. Betty lives in Freiburg/Black Forest, Germany. She is a Spiritual Grandmother and healer, and offers seminars and transformative journeys in Europe and South-India.