Each Soultype shows us an aspect of what it takes to embrace our own spiritual nature and live each moment of our lives from a spiritual way of being. Soultype 4s do this by deeply aligning with their body’s experiences.

The Spiritual Portal for Soultype 4 is at the lower abdomen (depending on height, about 3-5 in/7-12 cm below the navel). Soultype 4s close their eyes and go deeply inside so they can take in the deepness of their emotions and feel who they are. 

A fire burning on the beach

Soultype 4s show us how to go inside of ourselves and be with our feelings and emotions so we can spiritually grow together.

There are four Elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Soultype 4s are aligned with Earth. The deep spirituality of the Earth, and the Earth’s connection to the universe, connects us all to the core of our own magic. Soultype 4s help us deeply be with this profound existence.

Alan Sheets smiling outside

Alan Sheets

Alan Sheets is a Cofounder of New Equations and New Equations Music.