Each Soultype shows us an aspect of what it takes to embrace our own spiritual nature and live each moment of our lives from a spiritual way of being. Soultype 6 does this by resonating with the spiritual energy of the present moment.

The Spiritual Portal for Soultype 6 is on the chest at the center of the sternum. By moving the chest forward, a Soultype 6 stays open to receiving the dynamic spiritual energy that is all around and gives us truth in the present moment.

"Soultype 6" over bright green crystals

Soultype 6 shows us that by being with the present moment we become aware of spiritual truth.

Five Soultypes (5, 6, 7, 8, 9) are the Quintessence. Together, these Soultypes provide a pathway for spiritual transformation. Soultype 6 helps us be and vibrate with the ever-changing spiritual energy of the universe so we can move forward on the most alive and peaceful path. 

Alan Sheets smiling outside

Alan Sheets

Alan Sheets is a Cofounder of New Equations and New Equations Music.