Each Soultype shows us an aspect of what it takes to embrace our own spiritual nature and live each moment of our lives from a spiritual way of being. Soultype 9 does this by harmoniously breathing with all existence. Then their body can fluidly move not only with their own breath, but with the breathing universe.

The Spiritual Portal for Soultype 9 is on the spine between the shoulder blades. By breathing through this area and continuously moving their shoulders back, Soultype 9 becomes one with all existence.

"Soultype 6" over bright green crystals

Soultype 9 shows us that breathing in harmony with all existence never contains force. When our breath fills our body so that we become one with everything, we can all move together harmoniously.

Five Soultypes (5, 6, 7, 8, 9) are the Quintessence. Together, these Soultypes provide a pathway for spiritual transformation. Soultype 9 helps us flow with the ever-changing spiritual nature of our lives, the Earth, and the universe.

Alan Sheets smiling outside

Alan Sheets

Alan Sheets is a Cofounder of New Equations and New Equations Music.