Source Creative Elements Symphony (Portals 1-4)

Performed by Siv Roland
Composed September 2014 by: Siska Tovey, Siv Roland, Alan Sheets

Source Creative Elements Symphony (Portals 1-4) is music that is like a rose, how its beauty and magic open and the petals widen themselves to be with the elements of the planet: the fire, the water, the air, and the earth itself. It gives you spiritual directions that are limitless and come from the relationship to yourself, to the surroundings, and to the wonderful alignment with the universe.

All New Equations Music is evolution manifested and is a gift to humanity. This symphony gives you the opportunity to be with this manifestation as it helps you to move into the spiritual being you are. The more you listen, the more you expand.

Source Creative Elements Symphony helps your body’s spiritual portals open as the music flows. As the music aligns with your soul, it creates spiritual growth and development, which reflects into your physical body as you become aligned to receive the wisdom of this music that helps you evolve as a human being. The sound, energy, and vibration of the music, are aligned with the Nine Forces of Nature.

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Source Creative Elements Symphony (Portals 1-4)

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