Source (Portal 1) – Music from Sumiralux

Performed by Siv Roland
Composed March 2011 by: Siska Tovey, Siv Roland, Alan Sheets

Sumiralux means music from starlightSource (Portal 1) – Music from Sumiralux is music composed for Portal 1 located at the top of the throat. This music helps you stay with yourself so you can become more aware of who you are, a spiritual being born from the source of creation. When the peace within yourself resonates with this music, the universe within you and around you becomes available.

This music was composed in alignment with Janet, Siska’s sister, who opened herself to the source of creation and its creativity when she transitioned from life on Earth. Janet helped the music come to this planet by opening up to her spirituality and giving of her soul’s wisdom. Source (Portal 1) – Music from Sumiralux helps us all become available and giving to everyone around us, and helps us become the creative souls we all are.

Click on the playbars below to hear a few minutes from each piece.

xxxxxxxxxxxx Length
Source (Portal 1) – Music from Sumiralux (includes all selections below)       59:45
01. Light Waves (short) – Portal 1
    11:12 $1.99
02. Sun at Noon – Portal 1
03. Janet at Three Rivers 1 – Portal 1       11:52 $1.99
04. Equipoise – Portal 1     11:44 $1.99
05. In One’s Place – Portal 1      8:44
06. Janet at Three Rivers 2 – Portal 1        8:35 $1.50


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