A fire burning on the beach

Siv began playing the music for the Spiritual Postures. With the speaker placed between us, we stood facing each other, and the music filled our bodies. But, why am I sharing this?

In July, Siv Roland, my New Equations Soultype Instructor, and I arranged a meeting. It was my summer vacation, so I had the opportunity to meet Siv at the border between Norway and Sweden for a New Equations session.

We met at a special place—a shopping mall! There were many cars, a parking lot, the shopping center, a motel, a lot of asphalt, and very little nature. I wondered if we would we be able to find a nice place for us to align with our souls, listen to New Equations Music, and comfortably do a practice.

My need to feel earth beneath my feet and see something green, along with Siv’s intuition, brought us to the edge of the site where we found a ten square meter patch of grass nestled between the motel and the parking garage entrance. There was even a small concrete table for our music player.

The cars driving up and down the garage ramp, and a gardener riding his lawn mower behind us, produced a steady hum, but at the same time, the music created an oasis. As our Spiritual Portals opened, I felt powerful energy from the Earth and the sky widened above us.

After completing the Spiritual Postures, we expanded my Spiritual Portal 1. Attentively, the gardener carefully mowed around us, trying to stay in the background and not interfere. It wasn’t until we moved a little closer to the motel that he began to gently mow within our oasis.

When Siv initiated the opening of my Spiritual Portal 2, I no longer noticed anything around us because I became so immersed in the energy of Soultype 2. With that beauty, we returned to our cars in the parking lot to continue our day.

Leean Gill

Anja Stecker

Anja, Soultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Pathway 1 – Manifestation program. She lives in Essen, Germany, and likes to travel, ride her bike, and spend time making her garden beautiful.