The Bridge

The Bridge

View of the earth from space with a pyramid and sparkles on top
Rereading my blog Into the Unknown from January, I am stunned by the truth that was shown to me! Now, here we are: overnight our whole world has shifted to the new ice floe! Suddenly we are all in a new place with the chance to create something extraordinary for humanity.
Several weeks ago I talked on the phone with a friend who asked me what I thought would be the impact of the Coronavirus, which at that point had just started to be in the news in Germany. In my inner world I saw the word Corona dissolve, the letters tumbled and fell, and then rose up and reassembled themselves in different ways: ancoro . . . ronaoc . . .

As I watched the letters fall apart and come together, I experienced deep joy beyond any words. I can only describe it as spiritual joy. Deep, deep inside of me, I touched an area of consciousness that revealed a spiritual truth: when structure breaks down, a new light, a new world will emerge.

Being on the new ice floe, in the land of an emerging newness, brought up a picture in me—a picture of an arched bridge. The arch was steep and you couldn’t see over the crest. Unless you climbed up to the crest, you couldn’t see or know what was on the other side. No one could claim this clarity or say what life was like on the other side until they had done so.

There is something beautiful about this bridge, and crossing it can be an adventure filled with wonder and exciting encounters. What I found was again something beyond words. I found the land of my soul expressed in and through my body.

Ever since I crossed the bridge, I am experiencing something I have never experienced before. I will use some words from a friend in the New Equations Soultyping Program: Why should the sky be the limit? This is what I am experiencing: an ever-expanding limitless joy and growth of consciousness.

To help me stay in this expanded reality, I am doing the New Equations Spiritual Postures every day—a beautiful tool to pioneer my way around in a new world and discover the unknown with my friends in New Equations. Having entered the land of my soul, I see their eyes shining with happiness when we experience this soul connection—an indescribably deep relationship. And, my relationships with others who are intentionally helping humanity evolve are forming in amazing ways with ease, laughter and joy.
A baby boy laying down

Betty’s Grandson, Leon

Looking into the eyes of a newborn might be the bridge for some people, and for others the bridge may be a piece of music or the colors of a setting sun. In a bigger picture, perhaps the situation we are in globally at the moment will be the bridge.

I live in a small village in southwest Germany, and on Thursdays I sometimes shop at an outdoor market. Last week I grabbed my basket and took a stroll to the market. Due to safety guidelines telling us to keep physical distance, there was a long queue of woman with their baskets, rucksacks, and bags, and they were all standing at least two meters apart. It was a very quiet and respectful atmosphere—they resonated the caring strength they had for their families.

Although it was an unusual way to be together, the energy was peaceful while the women waited their turn, chatting a little. A middle-aged man parked his car next to the line. The peacefulness was interrupted when he jumped out of his car and made comments that ridiculed the situation. He looked for support, but in vain. The women just stood there, not moving, not paying any attention to him or talking to him. They simply remained in their strong, peaceful strength. Without judgment or accusation, they held this beautiful connected energy within a silent space of relationship.

I witnessed the man looking around, perplexed, and not knowing what to do. Things were not normal anymore—he had entered a world of caring love, which made him humbly take his place in the queue.

The strong relationship founded by these women, containing love, compassion and responsibility, moved the old energy—I might say of domination—out of this energy field. With no words. With no force. Old structure was not possible.

This female relationship, just around the corner from my house, in my little village, created a bridge to the new ice floe.

Something else I found in the land of my soul: it’s easier for me to succeed than to fail! 😊

See you all and take good care,


Betty Kraus smiling
Betty Kraus

Betty Kraus, Soultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 1 – New Equations Essence program. Betty lives in Freiburg/Black Forest, Germany. She is a Spiritual Grandmother and healer, and offers seminars and transformative journeys in Europe and South-India.