The Colored Circle of Light Symphony (Portals 1-9)

Performed by Siv Roland
Composed May 2012 by: Siska Tovey, Siv Roland, Alan Sheets

The Colored Circle of Light Symphony (Portals 1-9) takes you on a journey through all the nine portals. It helps create more awareness of your whole being from your soul, to your spirituality, into your physicality.

As the music flows from Portal 1 through Portal 9 it gives your soul expanded wisdom. This wisdom has a brightness that shines into your spirituality as the music helps it align to your physical being in the order from Portal 8 at the sacrum, to Portal 5 at the top of your head. You become stronger, more dense, more pure, more open, in the beautiful light of yourself. You become surrounded in colors and light from the source of creation as new energy occurs and gives you growth. As a human being you are evolving with the universe when the light of you is aligned.

Each symphony is evolution manifested and is a gift to humanity. The movements within each symphony give you the opportunity to be with this manifestation as it helps you to move into the spiritual being you are. The more you listen, the more you expand.

xxxxxxxxxxxx Length
The Colored Circle of Light Symphony (Portals 1-9) 2:02:18 $19.99


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