The True Alive Path Umbrellas

“Do you sometimes fear your own soul beauty, Willie?” asked Jacob the mouse.

Willie the bear replied, “What do you mean by that, Jacob?”

“Are you afraid to show the beauty of your soul because it’s so beautiful and you’re afraid it might frighten others, or scare them away? Are you afraid that you are just so beautiful that others will love you less because you are just TOO beautiful to be true?” Jacob asked.

“Oh, Jacob, never . . . never,” Willie said. “Because it is a lie. Yes, in fact it’s the biggest lie in the universe . . . a lie that makes us believe we must hide the beauty of our soul and that our beauty is dangerous.

Do you remember? This lie has become so big that we have even forgotten that we have this beauty inside us. So, the greatest truth has become the greatest lie. But the opposite is true, dear Jacob. And this is what you are discovering as you experience the beauty of your soul.

Our beauty is basically the surest thing we have. Because it is the pure truth.

You ask if it scares others away . . . if others will love you less? Never, Jacob, never.

So, I say this again because your soul’s beauty is pure truth. And this truth speaks to the hearts of all. In fact, it’s elementary that you share your beauty, Jacob, because that’s how others can remember their own beauty.

My soul’s beauty can only be seen by you because you carry your soul’s beauty within you, and it is only because you also have your beauty within you that you can you see my beauty. Just like the moose, the owl, the fox, the frog . . . because they all have their own beauty within them, they can see your beauty.

And that is truly the most beautiful and valuable thing we can give to each other . . . showing our own soul’s beauty and recognizing another’s soul’s beauty.

Therefore, oh, dear Jacob, share your beauty with all your heart and joy!

If you feel like it, shout it up to heaven with your arms raised high, stamp it down into the ground with your feet, dance it into the wind.”

Jacob smiled soulfully. “Beautiful, Willie, thank you.”

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Keren Kraus

Keren Kraus is a student in the New Equations Soultyping Program. You can find her in Berlin, Germany, where she loves to immerse herself into different cultures, observe life, and is currently following her calling to create a heart-centered business.