Introduction from Jenna: This month, I took a three-week trip to Norway and Germany to teach New Equations. Siv Roland and I spent a few of those days teaching and Soultyping New Equations students in Berlin. Betty Kraus, our blog author for Journey With Betty and NEATO student, not only arranged our trip, but also generously took us on a tour of Berlin with her husband, Hans-Peter. They shared insights about the Germany they used to know, and where they believe Germany is moving in the future. In this post, Betty shares her experiences of the magic that was created. Thank you, Betty!

This month, I am bringing into my post for Journey With Betty a somewhat historical perspective in order to tell you about the magic that occurred when Siv Roland, Leader of New Equations in Europe, and Jenna Tovey, Certified New Equations Teacher from California, USA, came to Berlin a few weeks ago to offer training and Soultyping.
Jenna and Betty sitting at a table and smiling

Jenna (left) and Betty in East Berlin

Siv Roland smiling and standing in front of a green door

Siv in West Berlin

The Magic Begins

The Magic Begins

There was a breath of exciting expectation in the air. The first male in Germany to be Soultyped was about to be Soultyped in the capital city! We all knew that this, by itself, was important. I looked for a good place for all of us to stay, as well as a good location for sessions and Soultyping. Nothing really appropriate showed up. I leaned into it, knowing that I had to wait for the best solution.

Then, due to a gracious gift from a Swiss friend of New Equations, I was able to book perfect rooms in the Hotel Ku-Damm 101. The hotel is designed in the Bauhaus style. I wondered why I was led to this hotel—was it connected in some way to the soul? What “dots” would I be able to connect?

The Bauhaus was primarily known as a design and architecture school. It was founded in 1919, one year after the end of World War I. It was completely new in its nature and conception, and is now considered the most influential school of design. At the core of Bauhaus were representatives of a free and post-religious spirituality. There was a longing for newness: a new world, a new inclusive, international way of living, and optimism about the future. This dazzled the world for a short time. Unfortunately people were not ready, and this movement wasn’t able to blossom into something beautiful. It was suppressed by old political structures, rigid mental convictions, and nationalism. In 1933, the Bauhaus school was forcibly closed. Some of the ideas were taken to the USA.

At this time there were also many spiritual circles in Berlin and other cities in Europe. The widespread search for the soul—and a new way of being human—was profound within these circles, but this focus was abused when people used it in propaganda to promote nationalism.

So there we all were: Siv from Norway, Jenna from the USA, NEATO students from Switzerland and Germany, students in the Soultyping Program from other parts of Germany, and me, Betty, wondering why my husband’s Soultyping was going to happen in Berlin.

A small white building with sandbags piled in front

Checkpoint Charlie

A sign reads: You are entering the American sector. Carrying weapons off duty forbidden. Obey traffic rules.

Historic sign at Checkpoint Charlie

After most of the training and my husband’s beautiful Soultyping were completed, we took Siv and Jenna around Berlin a bit. We decided to tour by bus, and visited historic places such as the Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, and the remains of the Wall. We shared with them what it had been like to live in a city divided into two parts by a wall: where families, brothers and sisters, parents and children, were separated and not allowed to see each other. Then . . . the unbelievable end of the Wall! Totally unexpected and totally peaceful!

A soldier in his uniform stood guard at the Wall with his gun, ready to shoot if someone tried to escape. In the moment the Wall fell, he threw down his gun, tore off his uniform, and cried . . .

A soldier in his uniform stood guard at the Wall with his gun, ready to shoot if someone tried to escape. In the moment the Wall fell, he threw down his gun, tore off his uniform,
and cried . . .

2 very tall pieces of the Berlin Wall, connected by a metal bar at the top

Section of the Berlin Wall

Short view into history: After World War II, Germany was divided into four zones. The east zone (East Germany) became part of the Soviet Union; the other parts were English, French, and American. The Soviet Union built a 1,378 km wall to keep people from leaving. The city of Berlin was inside East Germany, and was also divided into four zones. The east part of Berlin belonged to the Soviet Union; the other parts were under the control of the Allies. A 160 km wall was built to stop people from leaving East Berlin.
On the bus with us was a gentleman who overheard our conversations. I asked him a question about Berlin. He was not German and answered in English. He looked first at my bracelet that showed the State of Israel, and then deep into my eyes. I told him how connected I feel to Israel, that I believe that world peace will come from places like Berlin/Germany and Israel. That we have to reconnect to our souls, and that was why I was with my friends in Berlin. He smilingly agreed. We all left the bus, wished each other the best and parted. He suddenly returned. He wanted to tell me something more. He said: “There are again more than 30,000 Jewish people living in Berlin.” I was so deeply touched. He was one of them..
A grand building with pillars

Reichstag Building

I went into a different state of consciousness to find an answer to my question why is Soultyping being done in Berlin? I looked inside, searching for an answer from my soul. I was taken back to the magnificent cathedrals and concert hall of Gendarmenmarkt that we had passed on our tour. The Gendarmenmarkt is known as Berlin’s most beautiful square. I sensed a vortex of light beaming out of the earth. I heard: “The key has turned.”

Dots were connecting! We had made a change by doing New Equations Soultyping in Berlin!

As I dug down into the history of Germany and Berlin, I wondered if the connections I made were meant for only me, so I would see the beautiful potential that is ready to be used for the good, the true, the beautiful?

I saw that the time is ripe to create and share new stories. Berlin has many stories about the not-so-far-away past when troublesome times broke it into two parts. Then, the Wall fell without violence, and showed the world that peaceful change is possible when the hearts of people are ready for it. Now the time is ripe to tell stories about a friendly town, a kind world, united in love and truth from the soul.

I saw inner pictures of souls holding up their light for a new future at all four corners of Berlin. Berlin is a power spot, and the light of the truth of our souls will make waves and flow throughout Germany, Europe and the world. That which began at the time of Bauhaus, before it was brutally ended, now has a new place to stand. Our souls have a new way of shining forth. The strength of our souls will become manifested in surprising new ways. New Berlin showed me.

What was the significance that the first man Soultyped in Germany was Soultyped in Berlin, and not elsewhere? Perhaps the answer belongs to the new stories we will tell each other about ‘new men’ who bring peace, clarity, and healing, from the center of Germany . . . from the place that was responsible for so much harm to humanity. Now the time has come for all of us to live from the true light of our being: our soul.

Three people smiling in front of the Brandenburger Tor

Betty (left), Jenna (center) and Hans Peter
in front of Brandenburger Tor

Thank you, Berlin! Thank you for breaking down your Wall peacefully and with ease. Thank you for having shown humanity that it is possible to grow and progress into a better world without violence. Thank you for showing us that it is possible to change for the better, as a people, and as a nation. Thank you, New Equations, for making it possible for me, and all others, to connect to the strength and wisdom of our souls, and for opening this space in Berlin.

I am filled with so much more . . . there are more dots to connect. Perhaps next time!

Thank you for reading!


Betty Kraus smiling
Betty Kraus

Betty Kraus, Soultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 1 – New Equations Essence program. Betty lives in Freiburg/Black Forest, Germany. She is a Spiritual Grandmother and healer, and offers seminars and transformative journeys in Europe and South-India.