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Never in my life have I worked with music that has come to mean so much to me! The music silences the noise in my head that makes me doubt who I am and limits what I can do. The music opens the whole ME so I can go into my tasks with body and soul and not focus on what might go wrong.

—Birgitte Christensen, Opera Singer, Norway


New Equations Music® is pure magic! There is no other music in the world that can help your soul evolve simply by listening. You can grow quickly and easily in ways that you did not realize were possible. Many people out there are looking for something – anything that will help them calm down and get in touch with who they are – the music is a key to doing this. It’s not just helpful for you, but for your kids, your family, and even your pets. Many people have shared their real life experiences listening to New Equation Music on our Testimonials page – and what better way to learn about the magic of New Equations Music than to share some of their wisdom with you!


One of the most profound ways in which it has helped people is by giving them the tools that they have been looking for in order to help them get in touch with themselves and their soul. Hanna Kristine Rohde – a Norwegian Public Prosecutor, Author, and Public Speaker, stated beautifully what the music does for her –


Hanne Kristin RohdeThis is no miracle cure. This is about making yourself available in everyday life, even where everything has become materialistic and scientific. I have missed my soul. I have always known that it was there somewhere. Now I am giving it room. In return I receive my inner core, what is me. I stand more solid. I experience less pain, less stress. My body receives guidance from my soul, not just my brain. I am constantly becoming more whole.


As she states so eloquently, it isn’t just about listening – it’s about opening yourself up in the best way possible.


One of the most amazing benefits of the music is the way that it effects our children. Many people have realized that even though children have no idea what is going on – they start to calm down – and feel their soul. Gwen Mendelssohn, from the UK, told us the effect it had on her four year old daughter:


Gwen Mendelssohn testimonial photo 150x180The nursery had been holding a Halloween party and Anna arrived home rather hyper and full of chatter! I had just got hold of some of the music and I put it on, interested to see whether it would have any impact on her. I wasn’t prepared for the instant change it brought about….Anna immediately climbed up onto my lap and cuddled in. It was almost as if the music gave her permission to stop and breathe…. I held her like that for several minutes and her eyes closed. Soon she asked if she could go to bed…..not something you hear often from a 4 year old!


By seeing the effect the music has on children, it becomes clear that something truly magical is happening, something beyond even what adults can understand – something profound.


Something that we at New Equations were not expecting was the effect that New Equations Music would have on animals. We have received so many people writing to us to say that it has helped their pets calm down, relax, and behave better. Clare Lees, a Chartered Accountant from the UK, wrote to us about her once unruly dog:


Milo testimonial photo from Clare LeesOverall I know that Milo is a different dog after listening to New Equations Music in comparison to the days when the radio is on. Listening to the music overall has allowed a trust and a bond to be easily built between us and allowed me to show him that life doesn’t need to be frantic or aggressive which clearly his life was prior to me.


What a wonderful gift for your pet – giving them the calmness that they don’t know how to find! The music can be especially profound for animals who have been abused or neglected – you never know what might happen – but your animal will definitely thank you!


These are just a few of our many testimonials – you can check out the Testimonials page if you would like to read more! It’s wonderful to hear the different ways in which people have experienced magic in their lives from New Equations Music – we hope that it can do the same for you! If you would like to listen to an entire piece of music for free – you can visit our streaming music page. Or, if you would like to purchase music, you can visit our symphony page.


We would love to hear about your experiences with New Equations Music! If you ever feel inspired to tell us how it has effected your life, send us an email at, and we will feature you in our Testimonials. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Jenna Tovey-New Equations Happiness Blogger


 – Jenna



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  • Pat ToveyNov 26, 2015 11:04 am

    During this era when so much media is overpacked with speakers looking for what is wrong, instead of what is right, and using this agitation for effect in their efforts at “stardom,” I am grateful for when this behavior reverts to loving solutions. Heartfelt music like this sets my own heart and mind along this hopeful beautifully peaceful pathway.

    • Jenna

      JennaNov 26, 2015 12:25 pm

      Thank you so much for your wisdom Pat! I completely agree, it’s wonderful to listen to music that focuses on expanding the love in the world. So calming and peaceful =)

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