The True Alive Path Umbrellas

“How can we bring each other back to the Time of Undisturbedness?” said Willie, the bear, muttering more to himself.

“What do you mean by that?” Jacob, the mouse, was irritated, and looked at him questioningly.

“The Time of Undisturbedness is a very special time,” said Willie. “But this special time has been forgotten. We have forgotten how important it is to be undisturbed. Thus, memories of the special time have somehow faded. 

The Time of Undisturbedness, you must know, has its name for a reason—it carries a special energy. But only when we are ready can we feel and receive it.” 

“And we are not ready?” Jacob moved closer to Willie, as he had become quite curious.

“A part of us hasn’t been ready,” said Willie. “This part is actually quite small, but it is so loud that it silences the other parts within us.”

“What part are you talking about?” Jacob bowed his head.

“It’s a part of our soul. And it creates our soul’s melody. We all carry one inside of us—it makes us, in a way. We each have our own melody, and we also can carry the melody of everyone around us.”

“I don’t really understand . . .” 

Willie, the bear, laughed with his big heart. “That’s not the point, either. You don’t have to understand. But you can REMEMBER. You may FEEL it with your heart.”

Jacob thought about this. “How do I feel it with my heart?”

“By directing your energy, your attention, to your heart, and letting yourself fall into it. You can’t do it right, and you can’t do it wrong. You will know how to get into your heart. You can trust yourself and your heart. 

Close your eyes and try.” 

Jacob closed his eyes. After a while, he opened them with joy. “Yes, Willie, I think I feel it! I feel my heart and I feel it speaking to me!”

Willie smiled and said softly, “How wonderful.”

“But,” Jacob said, “what does all this have to do with the Time of Being Undisturbed?”

Willie thought for a while . . . “Well, all those years ago, we allowed ourselves to be disturbed. We let ourselves get so disturbed by the world around us, that we forgot about our soul’s melody.

You can think of it like a radio when there’s interference. Then you can’t hear the actual song—the beautiful song with the wonderful melody.

There is a hissing above it. A crackling. You suspect that there is a beautiful melody below it, but you hardly hear it. 

And these noises are unpleasant—they are exhausting and distract you. They distract you from your own melody.

But because this disturbance is there all the time, it feels normal for you. You get used to the fact that it’s disturbing—that your melody is being disturbed.”

“I understand,” said Jacob. “We don’t hear our melody, although we COULD hear it. 

And how can we get back to the Time of Undisturbedness? I want to hear my melody so much.”

Willie looked off into the distance. 

“The first step is for us to realize, to remember, that the melody is there. That we all have a melody and that it has never been gone. 

The True Alive Path Umbrellas

We can do this by reminding each other, for example. 

And it’s often the case that we hear someone else’s melody better through the noise than our own. I can hear your melody very well, Jacob. It is beautiful!”

Jacob smiled and his heart leaped. “What does it sound like?”

“That is the point, my dear Jacob. I can’t explain it to you. 

How can I explain to you what a melody SOUNDS like? I can try, I can describe it in words, but it will never be the same as when you hear the song for yourself and feel the melody rushing through your own body.”

“Mmm . . . yeah . . . that makes sense,” Jacob said.

“If we become very still and remember, then we can begin to hear our own melody better.” Willie said.

“You need to see that this disturbance comes from outside . . . it is ABOVE the melody. But it has never changed our melody! If we remember this, we have come a long way.

And if we do this with our heart and body—not with our mind—we can block out the disturbance.

With that, we can bring ourselves back—back to the undisturbedness. Back to the melody, to our melodies . . . to us.

And if we recognize this, and then are courageous . . . and we have to be courageous, dear Jacob . . . we HAVE to be courageous in this time of disturbance . . . then we can start to adjust the frequency in the radio. 

We not only tune out the disturbance, but we tune it out forever. 

And our melodies can be heard—pure and clear.”

“Why do we have to be brave for this, Willie?”

“Because we’ve become so used to the disturbance that it’s hard for many to let it go.

And our melody . . . it is so powerful that we ourselves are a little afraid of that power. Because it feels so unfamiliar to us. 

But exactly the opposite is the case . . . 

This power, this melody, is our truth . . . it is the normal state for us. 

Everything else is just a game, in a way. 

But now the time has come for us to bring ourselves back to our undisturbedness.

And find our melody. 

And turn up the radio really loud. 

And Jacob, it’s going to be so wonderful!!!” 

Willie rejoiced with laughter. “As more and more turn up their melody, the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard will arise!

All the wonderful melodies will make a masterpiece of music!

And we will dance, we will all dance, to our melodies. 

And our hearts will open. 

And we will be so proud that we made it—that we were brave enough to remember our melodies and the song we make together.”

Jacob had become very quiet. “Oh Willie, I see in my heart now too! It’s already there—I see us dancing together!!!”

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Keren Kraus

Keren Kraus is a student in the New Equations Soultyping Program. You can find her in Berlin, Germany, where she loves to immerse herself into different cultures, observe life, and is currently following her calling to create a heart-centered business.