The New Equations History is here!

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Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets Walking

New Equations Cofounders Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets


The History of New Equations is finally ready for you to read! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to New Equations, or have been with Siska and Alan from the beginning, the History will have exciting new information for you to discover.

New Equations has experienced enormous change and growth over the last 23 years, and nobody, not even Siska and Alan, could have predicted what New Equations is today.

When Siska and Alana first began this lifelong journey, they didn’t even know that there were nine Soultypes, they didn’t know anything about the different energy centers on the body, nor did they have any idea that the work they were developing has connections all the way back to predynastic Egypt. 

It’s pretty crazy to read about how when they first stumbled upon the Enneagram, they had no idea that they were embarking on a lifelong journey of discovery and magic. 

Alan Sheets teaching a workshopAlan leading a study group in 1994

The History starts off by taking you through their research of the Enneagram, then goes on to describe their discovery of the Postures of Strength®, the Facial Expressions of Strength®, and the fascinating connection to ancient Egypt. You’ll read about when Soultyping® first came about, and how New Equations got it’s name!

Nine small drawings of the nine postures of strength.

You’ll get a more thorough understanding of how the Soultypes connect to the Platonic Solids and the Tao Te Ching, and how Phi Growth is essential to the development of New Equations.

You’ll get to know about people along the way whose work helped in the development of New Equations. You’ll get a more thorough explanation of how the Body Resonant Frequencies were discovered, and the role the nine Forces of Nature play. So, basically, you’ll get to learn just about anything you’ve ever wanted to know about New Equations!

Today Siska and Alan are doing things that 23 years ago they would have never imagined. Siska and Alan have discovered that teaching people how to develop all nine Soultypes is what is most helpful for people, instead of focusing only on a person’s own Soultype. And for the first time in 2015 one of their students, Siv Roland, learned to Soultype! Perhaps most surprisingly, they are composing music in special frequencies that resonate with the nine Soultypes, the earth and universe in a way that creates growth and development for the soul.

Alan and Siska TeachingAlan and Siska teaching in 1999

The History takes you on a journey that is not only exciting, but gives you a solid overview of New Equations and New Equations Programs that offer you a way to develop the nine Soultypes in yourself if you so choose.

I hope you enjoy the magic of the history!

View the full history here! 

Jenna Tovey-New Equations Happiness Blogger


– Jenna



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