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Evander Holyfield on Dancing with the StarsIf you are following New Equations on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that we post a lot of videos! We post these videos because they give you an experience of New Equations without needing to read.

Our videos help you expand your consciousness and awareness of yourself and the world around you.

They give you an experience of your nine different Spiritual Portals! They show you the magic of New Equations! 

We have four types of videos that we post, and they all help you develop in different ways. 




See People You Know In Our Movement Videos

Movement Videos give you an experience of how people of the nine different Soultypes move. Although you don’t know the people in the videos (neither do we!) – after watching these videos it starts to feel like you do. This is because at these special moments in time they moved from the strength of their Soultype – they let us see who they are. They give you a glimpse of their soul – which is pure joy and beauty. Below is a video of Soultype 7s moving while in their soul strength. Soultype 7s move from their lower forehead.


See All Of Our Soultyping Videos

Soultyping Videos show you some of the magic of Soultyping™. We use the word “Soultype” in everything we post. We all have nine Spiritual Portals and our strongest portal is our Soultype. These videos give you a more solid experience of what we are talking about! 


See Videos Of Siv Roland Composing Music

Music Videos are perhaps the most amazing videos we post, and give you a taste of what it is like to be at a New Equations Music™ concert! Siv Roland plays these symphonies in the magic of the present moment – this means that everything she is playing is for the first time – no rehearsals or sheet music!

These videos don’t just offer you wonderful music, they give you an opportunity to be with the magic of the universe. Listening to the music helps your soul expand, heightens your awareness of your own beauty, and creates a calmness within, which so often gets lost in the business of life. This is a video of Siv Roland playing a Soultype 8 piece from the Waves of Colored Light Symphony. Portal 8 is located at the sacrum.


Streaming Music On YouTube

Streaming Music Videos are a new addition to our collection of videos! Every month we post a video to our YouTube channel of a full length piece of New Equations Music™. Each one of these pieces of music creates an awareness and consciousness in a different way. This month, our streaming music is a Concert for World Peace that Siv Roland performed in Tokyo, Japan. 


We hope that you enjoy our videos and that they give you a more complete experience of New Equations than could be accomplished with only words!

If you would like, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here!


Jenna Tovey-New Equations Happiness Blogger


– Jenna


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