The Opening

The Opening

Fabian on a hill with one hand on an enormous tree

Looking out the window is like looking out into the universe. I have no idea what will show up next. No idea what to expect. But I keep myself open to be with whatever’s there. This is a part of the opening. No judgment to what’s there, no attachment to what’s there. No agenda about what I want to be there. The beauty of being open, no matter what’s coming, is so important. Staying with the strength of my soul. 

And so I try to do it. And so I want to do it. That’s when I realize that I have no control over the spiritual soul. I can’t have that control. I don’t want to have that control. The control means I force everything into a framed picture that can’t grow. The picture can be beautiful, but it doesn’t evolve. It’s created, but it’s not creative anymore. And it’s exactly like this with my soul. It has to have the opportunity to grow and evolve without being framed into a structure. 

The search is no longer the task. It’s all about the opening. Expanding the Love and the Light to stay strong in the spiritual and physical Movement. Being with the creativity of my soul. Evolving to hold this wisdom of, and from, myself, and being aligned to the new equation of today. 

Fabian smiling and holding tea

Fabian Rohde

Fabian Rohde, Soultype 5, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 – New Equations Certified Teacher program. You can find Fabian in Oslo, Norway, golfing and playing his guitar.