A fire burning on the beach

In a world that glorifies might and power, it is an act of rebellion to be soft.

Because softness releases what we do not need and embraces all that is.

Softness engenders vulnerability – and vulnerability sparks connection and creation.

The world pushes us to harden our hearts and bear burdens we do not deserve.

But softness allows us to see the falseness in perpetuating harm.

We do not need to use force to shape the course of the world.

Choosing to listen to your needs and the needs of others is bravery.

Choosing to be kind when others are cruel is valor.

Choosing to live a life without force in a world that forces us to conform is revolution.

Leean Gill

Leean Gill

Leean Gill, Soultype 9, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 – New Equations Certified Teacher program. Leean is from sun-soaked California, USA, and is currently traveling the world while writing, drawing, and collecting incredible experiences from all over.