The True Alive Path Umbrellas

“I have searched for the truth my whole life,” the young girl said. “But I can never find it. I am never certain of anything. Why is that?”

“It’s because,” the old woman said, “there’s no place where you can find truth. The purity of truth is constantly changing. Truth exists in a certain perspective in the moment related to the one who sees it. It is related to the time, to the circumstances, to individual constitution, and experience . . . even to physiology and neurology. It is related to unique relationships and individual history. And if you happen to catch a glimpse of it, it is very often not something you are able to hold on to. Often it is not even possible to capture it with words.”

“But then it is hopeless,” the girl said sadly. “Then I can never find something to hold on to, or a place to rest.”

“It is only hopeless if you cling to the need for something permanent in a universe that is always changing,” the old woman said. “You are part of this constant change, and when you become a friend with this foundation you will know that you don’t need to look for truth in a special way of thinking, living, or in a certain way of speaking. So instead of trying to brace yourself against the world all the time, dance and enjoy the constantly moving universe.”

“But if this changing dance is the essence of truth,” the girl said doubtfully, “why is it that so many people try to tell others that they know the truth?”

The old woman answered:

“Many people do not want to accept truth, so they justify something that is not true by pinning it to a certain group, opinion, or way of living. They may say: ‘You can find the truth here, but not there,’ or ‘This is right, and that is wrong.’  Sometimes they even make up stories and claim they are true so they can belong and feel safe.

Be aware that people may want to define you by assigning an identity to you that is not who you are, and they use that identity to justify their own way of thinking and living. This manipulation is constantly happening in families, among friends, in governments, schools, and churches. Avoid falling for it. Stay strong in you, continue to dance, and move forward by allowing changes to happen moment to moment.”

Now the young girl started to cry, and she said, “But then I will always be alone.”

The old woman nodded. “It can feel a bit lonely because this way of being is new and unfamiliar for most people. You can be strong and proud when you stand alone. What you own is the strength that you have earned from being with all your feelings and realizing that even though you stand alone, you are not giving up or dying. You will find no friend that can give this to you.

“I suppose you are right,” the young girl said. “But it still feels cold and lonely if I cannot talk to anyone about it.”

“Well, you have me, and others are on this path,” the old woman said. “The funny thing is that when you embrace this, and live honestly with your soul, truthful and significant insights suddenly can come to you. The magic is that you can know the truth. The trick is knowing that even though the insights shine truth in your soul, they are not necessarily meaningful for others. Try sharing them, and sometimes people might listen, but never try to convince anyone. Remember:

The truth is beyond words; it is everywhere and nowhere. It is spiraling, balancing, and full of life and movement. Soothing wind, sunlight glittering on the snow, and the small green leaves on trees in spring, are your best friends. They lift you up, support you, and will never let you down.

When you find your strength as a part of the whole, you will be alone in a good way and never lonely. Isn’t that fabulous?”

Janne smiling in a red hat

Karin Kilden

Karin Kilden, Soultype 6, is a student in the NEATO Level 2 – New Equations Expansion Program. Karin lives near Oslo, Norway. She likes to sing, write, loves a nice glass of wine, and has a special interest in studying the ways in which manipulation happens through religious systems.