I look at myself as three candles—
one candle for the physical part of me,
one for the spiritual part of me,
and one for my soul.

What I want is for all three to shine
their light at the same time.
But, in many ways, it’s easy to blow out one of them . . .
or maybe two.
Blowing out one of them makes a huge part of me disappear,
as though I’m trying to hide in a shadow.

Yet, there is no shadow when only one candle is blown out,
because there are still two candles left to share their light.
And, the funny thing is, the candle light is part of me.
So, in a way, I’m trying to hide in my own light,
which makes hiding hard to do.

We are all lights moving around in a physical body.
We are all frequencies dancing in the streets.
We are all colors loving the differences between us.

We need every single light.
We need every frequency.
And we need every color.

We all have three candles burning within.
One for our physical light.
One for our spiritual movement.
And one for the love from our soul.

Fabians Poem
Fabian smiling and holding tea

Fabian Rohde

Fabian Rohde, Soultype 5, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 – New Equations Certified Teacher program. You can find Fabian in Oslo, Norway, golfing and playing his guitar.