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The soul comes from the universe to give its magical light to the earth, people, and all life. Then the soul with its magical light goes back to the universe and gives to all existence. Birth and death bring about spiritual transformations as the soul moves into a new spiritual physicality.

Being close to death brings transformation. The soul expands its life-giving force and the brain gets re-set so one’s spiritual awareness can open into something new.

COVID-19 is bringing about transformation for many people who have either come close to death or have transitioned. The light from these transformations opens humanity to a bigger picture: we all are born with a soul, spirituality, and physicality. When these three are in alignment, the creative energy of the universe becomes available in a new way.

Being Soultyped also creates transformation. People can consciously experience the strong connection between their soul, their spirituality, and their physicality. Culturally, scientifically, and spiritually, we can stay in a place where the present moment becomes constantly transforming and developing.

Living your life from the strength and wisdom of your Soultype is pure giving and receiving. Being connected soul-to-soul makes it possible for us all to care for each other, and the earth, in alignment with the universe.

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Siska Tovey

Siska, Soultype 8, is the directior and Cofounder of New Equations and New Equations Music.