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New Equations Music Composers Alan Sheets, Siska Tovey, Siv Roland

What a gift this music is! I just went onto your website. The music literally
exploded inside me – what a gift to us all! I am quite overwhelmed actually.
It resonated in me and shook me to my core. Thank you, all of you, for this
amazing gift. I will share and share again.
— Siv Charlotte Klynderud, Actress, Singer/Songwriter – Norway


Welcome to New Equations Music™ – Evolving the Soul

New Equations Music™ arose from the work of New Equations™ cofounders Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey, and Siv Roland, who is a New Equations Soultype™ Instructor, conductor and pianist. They call themselves The Sound Aligners. (photo L-R: Alan Sheets, Siska Tovey, Siv Roland)

The Sound Aligners compose all New Equations Music. It is available in Shop found in our menu bar. Siv Roland plays all instruments and vocals on keyboards – often using three keyboards at a time.

The Sound Aligners compose in the magic of the present moment, in harmony and alignment with the audience, the earth, and the universe. Their music is not composed prior to being played for the first time; in other words, the first time the audience hears it is the first time they hear it as well! This extraordinary way of composing brings music to you that provides support from the universe for your body and soul.

All New Equations Music is composed using nine unique Body Resonant Frequencies™ and Pythagorean tuning, a tuning which dates back at least as far as ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. The Sound Aligners use Pythagorean tuning because it is aligned with sound as you hear it in nature. 

The Sound Aligners offer instrumental and choral pieces, symphonies and concerts (ranging from 45 minutes to ten hours in length), as well as spiritual practices set to New Equations Music.

Many hours of music are here on our website for you to listen to for free, and each month we feature a full-length piece. We invite you to explore our website while listening to our music!


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