Soultype 1 by Alan Sheets

Why are people holding onto the past?
Why are people holding onto what they don’t need?
Why do people like to move backwards?
Why do people think the known is better than the unknown?

We do not need to hold onto the past.
It is not necessary to hold onto what we don’t need.
We do not need to move backwards.
We can look for the possibilities in the unknown.

Releasing the old and stepping into the new changes everything.
Change means taking a completely new path.

Walking a new path means the old path does not exist anymore.
The old path has done its job.
The new path opens to what will come.
Together we can move from the known into the unknown.

Alan Sheets smiling outside

Siska Tovey

Siska Tovey is the Director and Cofounder of New Equations and New Equations Music.