One evening in 2012, in the basement of a private home in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA), I sat in front of a keyboard and wondered what in the world I was going to play. I had no sheet music, there was nothing I could rehearse, no ideas would help. Would anything happen at all? Of all the orchestral and other instruments available to me through the keyboard, which ones would I use? I had no clue how to start, and at the same time I knew something new would come.

When I started composing New Equations Music in 2009, it turned out to be different from anything I had ever experienced before—I had to not only leave behind almost everything I had learned in my many years of music training, but I also had to leave behind my professional career as a pianist and conductor, including the tuning and frequencies I used in my work. My ear had been trained to A440 and equal temperament, but I even had to let go of that!

Before I touched the keys, I looked over to Siska and Alan. Siska nodded gently, increasing the energy in the room, and holding the alignment to the universe open and strong so the music could start to flow and embrace all of us. Alan held the energy and strength of all nine Soultypes, and was ready to record. I lifted my arms, put my fingers on the keyboard, opened myself to the unknown, and began to play. Music I had never heard before filled the room. The sound shook us, exploded our state of being, and filled us with excitement and peace.

A pentagon shaped rock with a treble clef on it

All Is Connected – Portal 5

from Quintessence with Source Symphony

Performed by Siv Roland.
Composed February 2012 by Siska Tovey, Siv Roland and Alan Sheets in Minneapolis, MN, USA

Unbeknownst to me, and everyone else in the room, we were composing the longest piece of music we had created up to that point—it would be a full symphony. As my fingers pressed the keys, I felt myself being filled with music. I felt myself being surrounded by music. I felt myself being one with all music, and I felt a new expansion inside me that embraced the Earth and the universe. The music and themes began to dance and grow until about 24 minutes in, when it took a turn and another theme slowly began to reveal itself. As it opened, it was so beautiful that tears streamed down my cheeks. My connection to the universe made it possible to play and compose in a new expansiveness.

If possible, listen to All Is Connected – Portal 5 while outdoors so that you are with the sky above and have a view of the landscape. It will help bring you the gifts of Soultype 5: balance, peace of mind, and spiritual connections. As you listen, stretch up from the top of your head towards the universe. You might experience something you have never experienced before.

I hope you enjoy this symphony as much as I do—it is still one of my favorites!

Janne smiling in a red hat

Siv Roland

Siv Roland is the leader of New Equations Europe and a Soultype Instructor.